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Dan Acher

Founder, Happy City Lab

Working with HB-Laser was efficient, and I enjoyed it. Everything was done with great professionalism, from finding ideas for the technical solutions to the actual event.

Rainer Reusch

Schattentheater Schwäbisch gmünd

When I came to the museum after the renovation, I was overwhelmed by the perfect work. You have contributed to opening the world's only museum for a modern shadow theater.

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Salzbergwerk, Berchtesgaden

Harshest environmental conditions like corrosion & humidity in a salt mine. This created special requirements for laser and lighting technology that stage a museum spectacularly.

130 meters underground where there is no light

Statue of unity, Indien

The Statue of Unity was built to commemorate the 143rd birthday of national hero Patel and stands on a small island in the Narmada River. 50 high-performance projectors project the world's most complex 3D video mapping to date. Record breaking!

182 meters, the tallest statue in the world

Al Noor Island, Abu Dhabi

The Sharjah Botanical Garden is an artificial rainforest in the middle of an island. This was specifically staged using video mappings and light illumination in order to create a unique experience for the visitors in the middle of the desert.

Top TripAdvisor attraction in Abu Dhabi

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35 national & international awards

More than 32 years of experience in worldwide
multimedia installations and entertainment projects

32 years in which a lot has happened and our experience and knowledge have continued to grow. 

Since then, we have implemented numerous multimedia projects of all types and sizes worldwide and have found a project-specific, tailor-made solution for every problem.

The technical know-how of our team enables us to achieve an internal production depth of almost 90%, and we can offer special solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

Our handcrafted laser systems have been designed, developed and built in-house by hand since the beginning and are characterized by the best quality "Made in Germany ".

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