Attention is the new currency in malls

This is how you keep your visitors

2 hours longer in your mall

Shopping malls are more of a location for experiences than a place for shopping. This is not a new discovery. Shopping is what finances the mall. The longer visitors stay at the mall, the more likely they are to buy more, have a positive experience, and come back.

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... you want to keep your visitors in your shopping mall longer than usual, so your shop operators make more sales

... you are looking for an extraordinary wow effect, so your shopping mall stands out from the rest and your visitor enthusiasm posts on social media

... you are looking for a new source of income that can be an advertising medium to promote your shop owner's brands and products

Mukesh Bhargava

Managing Director, Integrated Digital Solutions P Limited

We implemented a multimedia project with HB-Laser for the River Bank in Amaravathi. The installation included water fountains, lasers and video projections. Some of the special technology was specially produced for us by HB-Laser in Germany. The entire team was meticulous in the planning and very committed to the technical implementation. Thanks very much!

Südsalz GmbH

Salzbergwerk Berchtesgaden

HB-Laser gave us competent advice in the technical planning phase of this very extensive project. They provided us with lighting, sound and laser technology and always had the entire project in mind. The team took care of an uncomplicated process and carried out everything to our complete satisfaction. We recommend HB-Laser unreservedly.

More than 32 years of experience in worldwide
multimedia installations and entertainment projects

32 years in which a lot has happened and our experience and knowledge have continued to grow. 

Since then, we have implemented numerous multimedia projects of all types and sizes worldwide and have found a project-specific, tailor-made solution for every problem.

The technical know-how of our team enables us to achieve an internal production depth of almost 90%, and we can offer special solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

Our handcrafted laser systems have been designed, developed and built in-house by hand since the beginning and are characterized by the best quality "Made in Germany ".

Dan Acher

Founder, Happy City Lab

Working with HB-Laser was very efficient and I really enjoyed it. From finding ideas for the technical solutions to the actual event, everything was done with great professionalism.

Rainer Reusch

Schattentheater Schwäbisch gmünd

When I came to the museum after the renovation, I was overwhelmed by the perfect work. You have contributed to open the world's only museum for a modern shadow theater.

35 national and international awards

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This is how you keep your visitors 2 hours longer in your mall  thanks to Advertainment