How your multimedia installation
becomes a successful project

When it comes to multimedia installations, there are usually tight schedules and tight budgets.
In our checklist we show you from 32 years of experience,
11 1/2 of the most common mistakes die.
Avoid time bottlenecks and additional expenses to make your project successful.

Attention is the new currency in malls

It is not new that shopping malls are more of a location for experiences than a place for shopping.
The shopping is what the mall finances. The longer visitors stay at the mall, the more likely they are to buy more,
have a positive experience, and come back.

How to create new multimedia highlights
through inspiration from
record-breaking projects

Secure the know-how & examples of how to effectively combine multimedia shows & installations.
A hand-picked selection of our state-of-the-art projects from all over the world awaits you.